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Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

To support and empower people who experience trauma.

We do this by:

  • Providing services that promote thriving individuals, whānau and communities
  • Delivering mana-enhancing practices where wairua is nourished
  • Supporting wellbeing through manaakitanga/respect
  • Instilling a sense of belonging and connectedness
  • Growing an inclusive, innovative and holistic practice
  • Promoting forever wellness for all people, cultures, able and non-abled.

Our Values


Being seen, heard and accepted for who you are and where you are at


Caring for the wellbeing of individuals, whānau and kaimahi

Mahi tahi

Working as a collective for and with individuals, whānau, kaimahi and community


Nurturing a space where everyone feels supported and has the resources needed to thrive

Our Vision

A community that is connected and supported through the healing journey.