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Z Good in the Hood- Thank you for your votes!

Counselling Services Centre (CSC) was one of four groups being supported through Good in the Hood at Z Ti Rakau Drive and Z Tom Pearce Drive during the month of May. That means we received a share of $4,000 from each Z station depending on how many votes we got. We received $1,420 from Z Tom Pearce and $1,439 from Z Ti Rakau Drive. Thank you Z and thank you to the many people who voted for us!


April 2018- Strategic Planning Day

CSC held a Strategic Planning Day on April 11th 2018. This was facilitated by Cissy Rock from “Community Think”.


MOU Signing

We recently celebrated the signing of an MOU between the regional Sexual Harm Services across Auckland. This partnership encompassed by the MOU is driven by the common objective of Family Action, Help and Counselling Services Centre to ensure that all victims of sexual harm receive appropriate support both at the time an incident of sexual harm occurs or is reported, and when proceeding through the Justice System.

The purpose of this MOU is to promote a collective working relationship between these key services.

Photo caption: Michelle Clayton from Family Action – West Auckland; Kathryn McPhillips from HELP – Central Auckland and Ann Weaver from Counselling Services Centre