24/7 Crisis Response Service

24/7 Crisis Response Service

In late 2017, our Crisis Response Team Leader Tania Da Encarnacao was given special recognition ‘For Outstanding Performance of a Police Employee’ by NZ Police. Tania is not employed by NZ Police however they made an exception this year with the nomination’s committee saying, “Tania’s experience, training and compassion has often enabled investigators to achieve a positive outcome at times of very trying circumstances and had led to enhanced trust and confidence in Police”.

Crisis Response Team Leader Tania Da Encarnacao


Crisis Poster

24/7 Crisis Response Service

We support and empower survivors of sexual assault and abuse by providing a safe, professional and culturally appropriate crisis response service.

Our Crisis Response Team responds to calls from individuals in crisis and people seeking information, referrals or advice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Statement taking/ Forensic Medicals/ Level 3 Interviews

Our Crisis Response Team are available 24/7, for those who have reported a sexual assault to the Police and who are going through any associated procedures.  We support and advocate for survivors while they give their statement to the Police and go through a medical examination. Our team also are available to support survivors during Level 3 recorded interviews.

Interim Counselling sessions

We are able to provide up to three support sessions during the Police process as mentioned above and up to six short-term counselling sessions until you may or may not choose to engage in longer term counselling with Counsellors and Psychotherapists who are registered with ACC to provide counselling under ACC Sensitive Claims. These sessions are at no cost to you.

Referrals to other support services

We can also refer you to other services that are best able to meet your needs.